Divya Bahukhandi has been painting for as long as she can remember, and she recalls the walls of her family home in India being full of her art. The beautiful surrounds and the simple life of her small home town shaped her sense of beauty and she now works to create artworks that are calming and bring a sense of joy to the spaces in which they hang.
While living in India, Divya started studying painting at a very early age with a guru under the apprenticeship system. However, it wasn’t a career in the arts that she originally pursued. ‘As I grew, I started to think of an artist’s life as a lonely one, especially growing up without the noise of social media, TV and phones (the TV came to our home when I was in grade six). In pursuit of a more social life, I started my engineering degree, but soon design presented itself as an option.’ Divya studied Industrial Design, specialising in Textile Design. After completing her undergraduate degree, she worked for a number of home fashion and apparel brands overseas. After love and marriage brought her to Australia, she continued working in the industry here.
It was only after she had her two boys that she gave up her full-time design job to start painting again. ‘For some reason, watercolour really attracted me – it just agreed with where I was in life at that point. I was ready to let go and be mesmerised by the unpredictable and spontaneous nature of the medium.’
Now based in Melbourne, Divya works from home while keeping an eye on her two gorgeous boys. She enjoys being surrounded by her ‘creative mess’, working predominantly with watercolour on paper along with watercolour and acrylics on canvas. She loves to create layers upon layers, exploring the depths and interactions of natural forms.
Inspired by scenes such as mist covered mountains, the untamed wilderness of the backyard, lush green rolling hills and wild weeds and plants, Divya loves to explore forms, interactions, shadows and details. ‘I love the idea of the never ending canvas of life; my artworks often create a sense of the art extending or reaching out beyond the canvas.’ When beginning her work, an idea could start with a colour or form that captures Divya’s imagination. Other times it is just a fleeting thought or a memory that she aims to capture.
A highlight for Divya is when she can see her work hanging in their new homes. ‘I love when I can create a perfect artwork for a client’s home. It’s an unmatched feeling of gratitude and humility!’ She also loves collaborating for special projects and being surrounded by the energies of other creative people. ‘I still remember the day I walked into the Forman store. Nick and Kara have been so warm and lovely! It is an absolute joy to be part of their creative journey, and I’m so thankful for their support and friendship.’
‘Another big highlight for me is when my boys like my work! It totally makes my day, although it’s a very rare occurrence!’
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