Lindi Forde

Lindi Forde is an Australian artist living on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. She has a background in Photography and turned to abstract painting in 2017.

Lindi’s painting continues similar themes pursued in her photography such as memory, place, identity, the environment; how we live our lives and the marks we make as evidence of having been.

The visual narratives of each painting are built up in layers of paint which gradually emerge as marks. Viewed closely, subtle and gestural marks imbue each work with an intriguing story observers can interpret for themselves. Lindi’s artworks are expressive, balanced and personal.

"Creating art allows me a way to recall a special moment or visual memory that could otherwise be lost. In so doing, I leave my own silent marks in time.

I want my paintings to invite the viewer to marvel at the incidental variety of our lives – routines and serendipities – and the colour and design of the built and natural world through which we all move every day.” - Lindi Forde

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