Sally Browne

Sally Browne (b. Portsmouth 1974) is a painter of still life and the natural environment working predominantly in watercolour and oils. She grew up in the UK and travelled through SE Asia before eventually settling in Sydney.

Her work is an exploration of the order and wildness, the human-made and natural that are woven together in Sydney’s Inner West. Her work evokes an ephemeral and emotional world as seen through the eyes of a migrant now at home in the unique Australian light.

Sally’s practice is centred around drawing and has evolved from her formal studies of surface pattern design, painting, printmaking and graphic design. Sally launched her full-time painting career in 2015 and has been a finalist in several national art awards, including the Calleen Award and The Greenway Open Art Prize. Sally has exhibited throughout Australia and her work is held in private and commercial collections in Australia, the UK, New Zealand, the USA, France, Norway, and Denmark.

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