Arite Kannavos

Arite is an abstract painter who lives in Melbourne. Using intuition as the basis to her practice, Arite creates reflections of everyday life onto the realm of the canvas. Boldly negotiating space and composition with bright color palettes gives her work a distinctive feel. Memories, imagination and portals into the subconscious merge, shift and dance on the canvas, often resulting in a distinctive pictorial language for the viewer to ponder.
"When I'm working, I am open to the process of allowing spontaneous mark making to happen. The imagery that results from pushing past everyday forms and into the unknown territory of abstraction make for unexpected compositions which ultimately challenge one's way of seeing," says Arite Kannavos.
Arite has exhibited her work for over 19 years, including eight solo shows and various group shows. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art in painting with Honours at RMIT University in 2005.
Her work has been acquired in various private collections throughout Australia, the United States and Asia.