Susannah Bond

An emerging artist specialising in seascapes and still life through semi abstract oil painting on canvas and inspired by minimalist artists of the 20th Century.
I love to work with oils because blending the rich pigments and deep colours results in beautiful textured outcomes on the canvas with brush and knife.
Many of my still life pieces constitute gorgeous flowers in a rustic vase based in the style of French painter Bernard Cathelin. Very minimalist shapes but lots of texture and layers of thick paint in my favourite tones.
My seascape paintings are very much inspired by the very talented (and in my opinion very handsome) French painter Nicolas de Stael who painted very minimalist seascapes using neutral shades and palette knife and lots of layers of oil paint.
I’ve taken a liking to painting rocks, pathways, cliff faces because I absolutely love the unique shapes and tones and natural colours entwined within their unpredictable shapes and sizes and their cragginess makes them so much fun to paint, capturing every nook and cranny and odd angle and hidden gems of colour!