Art in the workplace can not only reduce stress and improve well-being, it can also improve performance and creativity. And if you are a small or medium business, now is the perfect time to invest in art for your workspace! The small business instant tax-write off has just increased to $30,000, meaning that art purchases up to the value of $30,000 could be completely tax deductible.


We asked the talented Zarina Fernandez, the Melbourne based interior stylist and decorator behind The Workspace Stylist, for her top tips when it comes to finding the perfect artwork for your workspace:

“Many of us spend multiple hours sitting (or standing) at a workspace - writing, calculating, creating, designing, administering. Whatever your job may be, it makes so much sense that your workspace should be a beautiful and an inspiring space to work.

In addition to your workspace, conference and meeting rooms as well as your reception areas are places where new clients and customers are first introduced to your business. The way you present your interiors are often the first impression a client makes about your business. You can set a point of difference from your competitors and also reflect your unique business personality by simply putting a little thought and effort into your workspaces.

There is a real move towards creating a beautiful ambience and a warm, cosy feeling in the workspace, rather than a sterile, business-like workspace. Artwork is one of the best ways you can make your workspace beautiful and inspiring.


The Workspace Stylist Tips for choosing the right artwork for your workspace:



Depending on your budget, we always recommend that you try to maximise your budget by making good artwork choices. Unlike most office furniture that depreciates significantly, a good artwork purchase may actually increase in value and become a good future investment. So if you are going to splurge, do it with your artwork! Original artwork by an emerging or well-known artist or limited edition prints are a great place to spend your budget wisely.



Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz are all great places to find inspiration for the type of artwork and artists that might suit your workspace. The Forman Art & Framing Instagram account has been a fantastic account for discovering new and established Australian artists. Where possible, we always encourage clients to purchase local Australian art; it’s a great way to support the Australian art industry! With the advent of social media, it’s very easy now to research an artist you may be interested in and understand the content and context of their work as well as get a glimpse into their lives. I’m a firm believer that when you purchase a piece of art from an artist, a part of them comes to you – so select something from an artist you admire!



Artwork is such a personal choice. If you like it and your heart skips a beat when you see it, then this is often a great way of deciding whether you should purchase the artwork or not. However, in the workspace you should also think about the type of vibe you want to create. Do you want to make it feel calm, colourful, edgy or inspiring? For example, in a medical reception area you want to create a calming vibe, while at a hair salon it may be more cool and edgy. The type of business you run may also influence the type of artwork you want to display. If you work in the auto industry, photographic artwork of cars or vintage posters of cars would look great. Similarly, if you own a French restaurant then photographic artworks of France or cool vintage posters of food would look great. The possibilities are endless!

Photography can be calming, cool and edgy. Abstract artwork is a great way to introduce colour and texture into a space without polarising by a specific subject choice. Framed quotes and inspirational words can be great in meeting rooms or breakout spaces.



Large scale artworks in either a reception or conference room is a great place to create impact. Smaller gallery type walls are great in hallways, kitchens and breakout spaces. Always hang artwork in a way that when a person is sitting down either at a desk or in a chair, it can still be seen. Pieces like business certificates and awards should be placed near the entrance and if you choose great framing, you can actually make these a feature too. When you are having pieces framed, think about non-reflective glass as indoor lighting and windows may adversely reflect on glass.



Many artists have their artwork online, but it’s great to see the artwork in person if possible. We recommend art shows, art galleries, homeware and framing stores and vintage poster shops. It doesn’t always have to be about new work - pre-owned artwork and photographs can be totally transformed with new framing!”



Need help selecting the best artworks for your workspace? You can check out our range of beautiful original artworks by local Australian artists online, or come into store and we can help you select the perfect pieces to bring your work environment to life!