When creating her expressive abstract landscapes, Prue Clay says she is ‘more interested in the hum of the landscape than how it looks to the eye. These paintings are a reflection of the feelings I felt when I immersed myself in the wilderness…’
Growing up on a farm in rural New South Wales, Prue has always felt a connection to the land. Her works are inspired by the landscapes around that area and also of Tasmania, where she travels regularly. She likes to immerse herself in her surroundings, observing the changing weather and drawing inspiration from the emotional connection she has to the landscapes.
Prue paints from her Brunswick West home, predominantly working with oil on canvas or linen. Currently in the process of building her home studio, she has set up a temporary studio in her dining room. ‘This works really well as it allows me to paint whilst looking after my two young kiddies.’
When in her early twenties, Prue contracted a rare virus which left her with impaired vision for three months. At the time, doctors were unsure if she would recover – something Prue describes as a life changing moment. Today, her eyes are still scarred, and she sees the world through patches of blurred vision. This unique perspective is reflected in the depth and colour of Prue’s stunning landscapes.
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