Allow us to introduce you to our new Melbourne based artist Laura Thomas. We’re very excited to have Laura’s paintings as a bright and lively addition to our gallery.

Her work focuses on still life compositions and explores her position as a consumerist. Through her vibrancy of colour, subject and detail of negative space she playfully confronts her relationship with “things” that often provide a momentary thrill of aesthetic pleasure.
Based in her home studio close to the sea and city, Laura also often paints from Red Hill. The environments of both these locations provide a constant source of inspiration for compositions.


Image: (L) ‘Saturday Lunch’ - 104cm X 104cm  
(R) 'Hallway 3’ - 83cm X 83cm

Using predominantly paint on canvas including acrylic, oil, oil stick and collage, Laura begins by creating naive marks, shapes and patterns opposed to replicating what she see in a literal sense. Her creative process is very intuitive. Keeping it as organic as possible allows her to create happy accidents and add richness and depth. It usually starts with observing a space, object or composition and looking beyond the initial scene.


“I will examine the negative space in between edges and lines, examine outlines and pattern, shape and colour. My sketches are automatic and quick which I then use to create a rawness in the painting. If I feel my work is straying from my vision or I am not satisfied, it is a good time for me to stop and reflect. I go back to my main objectives and always refer back to my sketches and resources including artists that inspire me such as Matisse and Cézanne to get me back on track. The turning point for me is when I want to throw the canvas out and start again, this frustration often brings out my best work!”

Laura’s work pushes the boundaries of conventional still life. Taking inspiration from artists such as Matisse, Cézanne and Kandinsky, her paintings celebrate everyday objects with their intense colour and examination of space and form.

Image: (L) ‘Market Flowers 3’ - 54cm X 64cm  
(R) 'Corridor’ - 93cm X 123cm

“I am happy with my work when the painting can be interpreted differently by various viewers, this sense of ambiguity combined with a familiarity of environment is desirable for me in my work.”

You can view and buy Laura’s painting here or pop into our gallery to experience her work in person.