We’re so excited to welcome the work of Angus Martin to our gallery! Angus is a Sydney based artist whose paintings are inspired by music, lyrics, quotes and poetry. Bringing a simple approach to figurative art, his work aims to initiate a personal connection that people resonate with from their own experiences.


“I draw a lot of inspiration from music and lyrics, I always listen to music when painting, it can resurface certain memories attached with heightened emotion, good or bad. Even as the importance of particular memories fade, the emotion attached to the music remains. Particular songs can have a transportive effect, and I’ll listen to a song on repeat whilst painting to focus on that specific memory.”

With a focus on the psychology behind colours, Angus balances overlapping contrasting shades to strengthen the impact of his work and evoke emotions from his audience. Each piece of work is highly symbolic, harmonious and unexpectedly emotional as every piece holds deep meaning and hidden positive affirmations that act as daily reminders to the viewer.

Everything about Angus exudes that free-spirit energy you’d expect from a visual artist.

“Everything happens for a reason, there are very few coincidences,” he reflects. “If you can start to recognise the reasons, you can find deeper meaning, not just in life, but in art too.”

Angus’ creative roots began in hairdressing before going on to study graphic design and being awarded the South Australian Arts Excellence Award. He has also worked as a designer in advertising. His eclectic creative skills and background enriches his work and comes through in his paintings.

Working from his home studio, his favourite colleague is his little French bulldog Dolly - even though she’s not much help and sleeps on the job, she’s still great company!

“I like creating at home as I like the solitude - clear space, clear mind. I regularly burn Palo Santo to cleanse the space, uplift the energy and also draw in creative energy. I like being surrounded by plants, lots of natural light, and music, always!”

You can view Angus' artworks here