La Scogliera Beach Positano Afternoon - CARLA COULSON

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'La Scogliera Beach Positano Afternoon' by Carla Coulson

"You're probably wondering why this beach is so gorgeous and fabulous. You see La Scogliera has a secret that only the people that lie on its beach beds know. Now I don't want you to get all offended when you hear what it is, so brace yourself - no kids are allowed. Now we love kids, they are the cutest peeps on the planet but at La Scogliera there is a peace that pervades the place, there are 'caffe shakeratos' that are the best thing on the planet, there is mozzarella di buffalo and other deliciousness at lunchtime and you could be anywhere on the planet but you are the happiest person in the world to be on this little piece of paradise with just the lapping of the sea and PEACE. 

Sometimes you have to have a little secret that is just yours!" - Carla

Limited editions, with stamp of authentication and exclusive to Forman! Get them while you can!

51 x 76cm limited to 50
81 x 122cm limited to 30
91 x 137cm limited to 10

Printed on high quality 310gsm matte paper and framed to order. We offer raw Australian oak and white or black timber frames with acrylic glass facing.

Frame measures 2cm wide x 4cm deep. 
*91 x 137cm framed print comes in a 3 x 4.5cm frame.

This print can also be sold unframed and carefully shipped in a cardboard tube.

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