Beauty in Balance

In balance there is beauty, harmony and the things that man and womankind have been searching for throughout time. When we feel beauty, it’s a love rush of pleasure to our senses and a lift to our spirit that changes everything.

Balance is a place of harmony deep within us, we feel our internal shapes, form and feelings sit lovingly together and when we are in this place we are rock solid steady, we have the sum of two equal parts working for us and it allows us to go further without pushing against life.

This girl was photographed in Paris in the 6th arrondissement with a big bunch of lilac to remind you whenever you feel out of harmony all you need to do is take a step in the opposite direction to find the beauty of balance within you.


51 x 76cm limited to 30
81 x 122cm limited to 25
100 x 150cm limited to 15

Printed on high quality 310gsm matte paper and framed to order. We offer raw Australian oak and white or black timber frames with acrylic glass facing.

Frame measures 2cm wide x 4cm deep. 
*100 x 150cm framed print comes in a 3 x 4.5cm frame.

*51 x 76cm print is framed with matboard. Final framed size is 67cm x 92cm.

This print can also be sold unframed and carefully shipped in a cardboard tube.

Delivery: This Product will be shipped between seven to fourteen (7-14) business days from the date of your order to the address you submit, subject to stock availability. All of our products are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.