It is our pleasure to introduce you to our new artist Tania Blanchard! Tania is an Australian artist based in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. Her artwork is known for her own signature style, building layers of “impasto dots” reminiscent of a minimalistic and impressionistic scene. This unique method of application gives her paintings a mesmerising effect and an indulgent texture you almost want to reach out and touch. 

“I’ve always been obsessed with colour, colour theory and combining it with texture. Texture is something I am very drawn to”

Tania grew up in Adelaide where she obtained a degree in Visual Arts and a diploma in Graphic Design. She has developed and evolved her style over the last decade, practicing her skills and learning to trust her intuition.

In early 2020, Tania made the decision to move from her old studio space and build a large studio at her home that she now works from. Her typical day begins with a Chai Tea, or three, her paint spatula in hand and her dog Millie by her side.


Working with acrylic on canvas, she hand mixes her paints with a thickener to get the consistency she desires. His helps achieve the lush texture in her paintings that she applies in layers with her palette knife. Tania also records every colour she uses in each artwork, which can sometimes be more than 100 different hues in a single work!


“I’ll explore anything and everything. The only thing that stops me doing more work on a piece is time. My technique takes time and can’t be rushed. If I didn’t spend so much time with each painting I truly believe the “Wow” factor would not be there.”

Her inspirations include greats such as Matisse, Mark Rothko and Josef Albers whom she admires for their use of colour and their compositions.


'Gravitation' - 1400 x 1400mm

Tania’s work has been described as hypnotic and emotional. She likes to push colour variants using colour to provoke emotion. Anyone viewing her incredible artwork in person could not deny the effect. You can shop her work here or visit our gallery to experience it in person.