Rachael Little has been creating from a young age. She studied Visual Arts and Fine Arts at Melbourne University. Over the years she has worked in ceramics studios and taught ceramic painting.

Along with art, flowers have always played a large part in Rachael’s life. She worked as a florist for 10 years and flowers, foliage and garden landscapes continue to provide her with constant inspiration.

Rachael has been creating from a young age and it’s something she describes as “calming and truly relaxing”. She works from her home studio in Melbourne, “with three kids and a bit of family chaos thrown in for good measure.” The studio looks onto a garden she created with her husband 15 years ago. Some parts of the garden are structured and layered and other parts are whimsical and flowing - something that is reflected in her own paintings.

When painting, Rachael rarely starts with a set plan. Instead, she works spontaneously, loosely painting from her memory and imagination. Her paintings are built up in layers with loose patterns.

Colour is extremely important to Rachael, as can be seen in her bright and joyful works. “Matching colours, clashing colours and blended colours – sometimes I do it all in the same painting! I want people to feel joy whenever they walk past these artworks, and to find something new each time they look at them.”
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