Jessica Anderson works from her home in Melbourne’s east, often leaving her little studio space and sprawling across the lounge room area – usually painting with a movie or some old school tunes on in the background, fuelled by tea and snacks!
Jessica grew up surrounded by the green rolling hills of Korumburra in South Gippsland and always loved art. “A lot of my family are creative in their different fields, and I was always encouraged to follow my creative passions. I loved studying art and design at school and uni, and have just continued trying to learn ever since, jumping into workshops and short courses along the way.”
After moving to Melbourne and studying Visual Arts and Education, Jessica worked as a secondary Art & Design teacher for ten years. “By the time they reach their teenage years, students often doubt their artistic abilities. For many of them, it takes a lot of courage to step outside their comfort zone, try new things and put their work out there! Watching them do this while they find their own unique style and mature as artists and designers is always inspirational for me. It is so lovely and rewarding to be part of that process with them.”
While she always continued to create art, it wasn’t until a period of leave from teaching that Jessica really explored painting more seriously. “It was a time of travel and inspiration, and a chance for me to explore, experiment and create. It was also when I met Forman’s Kara and Nick, which was a turning point for me. They are such amazing cheerleaders for local, emerging artists. Meeting them, along with other artists, clients and creatives along the way, has been a real highlight for me.”
The natural environment, particularly native flowers, is what predominantly inspires Jessica’s work. She loves the life and movement that they represent, especially when layered in rambling compositions. Using acrylics, she builds the painting up in layers. “I love creating artworks that people can get lost in and see something new each time they look at it, whether it be textures, shapes or glimpses of hidden colours. It brings me so much joy to imagine my works hanging in people’s home as something that they can enjoy, and hopefully get a little lost in, every day.”
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