Debbie Weinmann is a Melbourne based ceramic artist living and working from her studio in Prahran.

Already having a professional background in Occupational Therapy, Debbie went on to graduate from Holmesglen TAFE in 2014 with a Diploma in Ceramics.

Read on to learn more about Debbie and her work. 

We fell in love with Debbie's stunning vessels as soon as we saw them. Her pieces are glazed in neutral tones, they're raw and textured on the outside, glossy and smooth on the inside and they're functional! We recommend filling them with fresh flowers from the market then displaying them next to your favourite painting. 

Debbie loves the feel, the messiness and the magic that can happen when she’s in her studio. She describes her time in the studio as being “passion filled” and an “ever-evolving challenge”. 

Image: Debbie installing her work.

One of the main themes in Debbie’s ceramic practice is connection and belonging. This sense of belonging is created when her pieces are arranged in groupings of three or five. They sit together seamlessly, one piece leaning into another, forming clusters and families. Each piece belongs to a bigger picture.

Debbie takes inspiration from her environment and the objects around her. She often finds herself looking at day to day objects and imagining what they would look like if she made them out of clay. The ceramicist finds it grounding to work with clay and loves working with a natural material that feels like it has no limits.

Image: Debbie's vases in our gallery. You can shop her full collection in store.

"Clay is both direct and honest in its response to touch leaving infinite possibilities to explore which can be satisfying, challenging and at times frustrating. I enjoy watching forms unfold before me and I'm always trying to remain open to change and refinement."

Clay is a constant reminder that things can’t be rushed or forced. It is a slow and soothing process. Debbie finds it meditative to be in her studio making work and embracing imperfections along the way.

 “Working with clay can be like an open ended conversation, you never know from one time to the next where it can take you.”

Debbie takes particular joy in knowing collectors find a unique place within their home for her works and so do we

Debbie has been exhibiting since 2010. In 2018 she was awarded People’s Choice at the Valley Potters 40th Anniversary Exhibition. Her works are held in both private and commercial collections throughout Australia.

Visit the gallery to shop Debbie's collection of ceramics.