Christine Robinson is originally from Adelaide, where she studied art at the S.A School of Art as a mature age student – a time that she describes as a “wondrous four years.”  For the last twenty years, she has lived in the Northern Rivers, NSW, in the town of Murwillumbah. She works from home in a small studio which is filled with everything ‘art’. “I just love that I can go there, day or night, and paint or contemplate. Cups of tea are an important component, oh and cats of course!”
Christine has been creating art for many years and it has always been a constant in her life. It is a daily practice. She is constantly inspired by all the other artists around her: “Murwillumbah is full of them. We also have the best art supply store, Yellow Brick Studio, run by an artist, and the Tweed Regional Gallery nearby.”
Christine previously worked with oil paints, but as she describes, her impatient nature didn’t suit that medium, and she now uses acrylics. “When I start a work, I do not want to know where it is going, I want to discover that along the way. I want the experience of discovery and surprise – it’s about the process for me. The work begins with randomness and chaos. Layers of paint, marks, Japanese Yuzen paper etc. This is when I stop and look, and we start to have a dialogue – a conversation. A painting may begin with a discovered bird or flower, and then the whole thing starts to come together.”
“I am intrigued by colour, colour combinations and how they make me feel, if they sing together or not. I have always been fascinated by the idea of “home”; that place of shelter and safety, along with birds, cats, houses, gardens, trees, boats. My subject matter stays quite consistent, but the manner in which it is executed changes. I strive to create a work that is a harmonious whole and something that I would be happy to put in my home.”
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