Inspired by nature's landscapes and ever-changing cloud formations, Chloe Planinsek creates harmonious and fluid abstract paintings that bring a sense of calm and happiness to a room.

While Chloe studied art during her VCE years, painting was not a focus for her at the time. When she did begin to paint, it was for her own home. As she began to paint more, she enjoyed the process of creating, wearing gloves and painting with her hands while listening to beautiful ethereal music. ‘As a lot of my artwork was inspired by the clouds above, I felt it was a nice time for me to connect to the world above and beyond us.’ It was an organic way for Chloe to explore painting, allowing her to feel connected to the canvas and give the painting a certain movement that she loved. As her work evolved, she wanted to try different styles and began to use brushes, opting for large brushes and gestural strokes. 

From 2010 Chloe started painting commercially and by 2012 she was painting full time. As she describes, it was a slow and expensive process. 'I used to exhibit at the Decoration & Design interior trade fairs in Melbourne and Sydney. This was back when there would only be one other artist exhibiting there! It was a great way to meet industry professionals though, and I still work with many of them today, which is really nice.' Chloe now paints, prints and supplies her own designs to the architectural and interior design industry throughout Australia. She has painted countless commissions based on her sold pieces, adapting the colours to suit her clients’ needs.

Chloe loves to paint at home. ‘When we built our house, we did have a designated room for a studio, however I ended up turning it into a formal living room (which we never use, but like to look at!).’ Instead, Chloe paints in the family area of her house, wheeling her supplies in on a trolley and putting it away afterwards. Although unconventional for an artist, the space gives Chloe a flood of natural light and the ability to paint away while her husband watches TV in the same space. 

Clouds have been the biggest inspiration for Chloe’s work as they are soft, gentle and beautiful to look at and she loves the feeling of calm they bring. A dash of metallic gold is often featured in Chloe’s paintings as she loves the ‘touch of magic’ and life it gives the work. Recently, Chloe’s works have been inspired by architecture and nature and are more bold and abstract. These large artworks sit comfortably in, and bring impact to, an architectural home or space.

Chloe’s career highlights have been diverse and as she describes, ‘It all depends on how we measure a highlight. I think if something makes me feel extra happy, then it is a highlight.’ Early on, highlights for Chloe included features in magazines and commissions from large property developing companies. Now, the everyday happiness that her work brings is the greatest reward. 

She loves working closely with clients through the commission process. Working with Benjamin’s Kitchen (the Alphington pan-Asian restaurant) was one such project and was a definite highlight for Chloe. The soft cloud-inspired mural covering the restaurant walls, originally commissioned by Alexandar Pollock Interiors, was shortlisted for a design award. After finishing the main restaurant downstairs, the owners commissioned Chloe to paint both private rooms upstairs. ‘Meeting and working with the owners has been so lovely. They are so hospitable, and their Asian fusion food is incredible, and worth the drive!’

Chloe also loves working with interesting and creative people in the interior world.  ‘Nicole of Rent Fine Art is so great to work with and we are in touch nearly daily! She lets me paint freely to fit her brief, so it is nice to have that trust with her and the freedom for my painting. Meeting Forman’s Kara and Nick was a big highlight. I absolutely love working with them and feel they bring so much joy to so many people! Having their energy in my weekly life is so much fun; they feel like my extended family.’


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