Hold The Faith - Carla Coulson

Meet the new girl on the BLOG!

We are so excited to be introducing Carla Coulson's latest edition to her Young Girl in Bloom Series and her name is ‘Hold The Faith’. 
Please spare a moment to acquaint yourself with this gorgeous girl as Carla tells us her story.

"This year has created chaos in the world and our lives and our knee jerk reaction is fear. The trick when we feel fear is to move towards a love emotion, kindness, compassion, faith, generosity, and caring. 

I created this girl for Victoria and all the folks around the world who are still in lockdown. Her name is 'Hold The Faith' and this is her story.

Faith is stronger than hope, it’s the willingness to believe without a doubt that something good or a particular outcome is going to happen without proof or results. It’s the magical place from where anything you want to bring to life can grow.  Faith is like planting seeds you devotedly water knowing one day they will bring fruit yet you continue to water them even when there are no signs of buds or sprouts. 

This girl knows to ‘hold the faith’, it means that when things aren’t going as she wished, her outcome still hasn’t shown up, times are tough, rocky, scary or unknown, she chooses to take a step in the direction of a dream or desire knowing it will happen. 

Every small step you take, you are rallying forces you can’t see and it’s the elixir that will bring to life what you want.

She knows good things are coming her way, she is standing strong in times of chaos and uncertainty and that faith is her secret weapon. She knows it’s yours too."

This beautiful piece is limited, so add her to your life now - and with such an appropriate message for everyone, here and now in 2020, how could you wait!

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