Free & Fearless - Carla Coulson

Meet the new girl on the BLOG!

We are so excited to be introducing  Free & Fearless
She is the latest girl from Carla Coulson's Young Girl in Bloom series and she is as pretty as a picture - pun intended.
Take a moment to acquaint yourself with this glorious girl as Carla tells us her all about her journey.
"This girl has a skip in her step because she is free, she has walked away from things that held her back and has stepped out of her own invisible prison.
She knows the only person that can truly hold her back in life is herself. 
Saying yes to yourself is the ultimate freedom. You always have a choice and when you feel truly free you feel fearless.
This girl was created to remind you that freedom is your divine right, you are born free, you are free and it’s always just one decision away. Free yourself!"

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