“Follow Your Bliss” joins Carla Coulson’s Jeune Fille En Fleur collection

Carla Coulson’s latest edition to her Jeune Fille En Fleur series was inspired by and dedicated to her beloved father.

His favourite flower was the carnation. He regularly gifted a big bunch of these old fashioned (underrated IMO) pink beauties to Carla’s mum.

As with all of Carla’s flower wielding, joy dispatching girls this bounding beauty has skipped into our lives when we need a reminder to pursue our dreams and listen to our hearts. To look forward. To hope. To cultivate a life that fulfills our needs.

This new girl is perfectly named “Follow Your Bliss” and this is her story…


“The secret to getting what you want in life, finding your people, feeling motivated to get out of bed in the morning, to have a skip in your step, is to follow your bliss.

Following your bliss and what in your heart feels true is not whimsical or irresponsible, it’s deep communion with your higher self and creates profound personal fulfillment, joy, a sense of belonging to a community and to this beautiful world we live in.

You know when you are connected to something you really want because you feel excited, enthusiastic, and you radiate joy, your energy bubbles over and off you go without needing any prompting at all. A heart’s desire gives you a rudder that pulls you along, a clear path starts to form and you know what to do next, you have the courage to keep taking steps, one choice at a time.” Carla Coulson

I hope you find her as beautiful, joyful and life affirming as I do.

I love her.


Forman Framing Carla Coulson print