La Praia Beach Praiano - CARLA COULSON

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'La Praia Beach Praiano' by Carla Coulson

"They come to this sweet little beach to lie amongst the boats. They don't know why but it's an ancient story written in their DNA! Their families before them were fishermen, some may even have been pirates but for as long as the people have lived on the Amalfi Coast there lives have been linked to the sea. 

In Praiano, through a little osmosis, a swim in the heavenly waters and sunbaking between the boats, you may even find yourself dreaming of a life on the sea, calling into a port faraway or falling in love with a handsome pirate. Then you awake to the scent of 'pesce fritto' and you realise it’s time for lunch. The beauty of Praiano.

I’m Carla…Photography for me is more than taking pictures, photography is my emotional language, the way I see the world and the way I communicate. My emotions and values are inseparable from my photographs and they are as much about me as they are about my subjects.

My photography draws from a deep empathy and fascination for the human spirit and it is about honesty, beauty and joy." – Carla

Limited editions, with stamp of authentication and exclusive to Forman! Get them while you can!

51 x 76cm limited to 30
81 x 122cm limited to 25
91 x 137cm limited to 10

Printed on high quality 310gsm matte paper and framed to order. We offer raw Australian oak and white or black timber frames with acrylic glass facing.

Frame measures 2cm wide x 4cm deep. 
*91 x 137cm framed print comes in a 3 x 4.5cm frame.

This print can also be sold unframed and carefully shipped in a cardboard tube.

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