Atrani - Dreams of an Architect (Vertical) - CARLA COULSON

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'Atrani - Dreams of an Architect (Vertical)' by Carla Coulson

"This place could win the ‘beach bed’ olympics. I often wonder whether a boy from the Amalfi Coast became a big shot architect in Milan but hankered for the blue seas of home. He learnt about shape and form, rigour and beauty and then one day when he could no longer stay another day in the big city with its grey skies and pollution he came home to Atrani.

Each day he wakes up, takes a coffee at the local bar, speaks to Gennaro and Sergio then heads to the beach where puts his knowledge and skill into action and creates magic for all to see. At lunch time he sits down to a plate of ‘linguine alle vongole’ and remembers the days rushing for a quick 'panino' in the backstreets of Brera, he listens to Bob Sinclair’s remake of Raffaela Carrara’s Far L’amore and he looks out over his umbrellas and beach beds and feels pure joy for his fine work. At the end of the day, he whistles a soft tune of a contented man as he gently puts his work away."
 – Carla

Limited editions, with stamp of authentication and exclusive to Forman! Get them while you can!

51 x 76cm limited to 50
81 x 122cm limited to 30
91 x 137cm limited to 10

Printed on high quality 310gsm matte paper and framed to order. We offer raw Australian oak and white or black timber frames with acrylic glass facing.

Frame measures 2cm wide x 4cm deep. 
*91 x 137cm framed print comes in a 3 x 4.5cm frame.

This print can also be sold unframed and carefully shipped in a cardboard tube.

Delivery: This Product will be shipped between seven to fourteen (7-14) business days from the date of your order to the address you submit, subject to stock availability.

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