Jo often draws on the natural world as inspiration for her artwork. "I am really drawn to textures and details found in the natural world, particularly plants. I think this is because I spent a lot of time in the garden as a child, observing plants and insects. I think having cultivated that innate curiosity for intricate details found in nature has had a strong influence on the kind of art I am inspired to make. I try to balance marks that are expressive and spontaneous, because I love their energy, with elements that are more considered, such as figurative sketches, because I love their intricacy. I also try to contrast different textures. I think it’s interesting that in the natural world some surfaces are roughened over time whereas others are worn smooth. I think I’m trying to create a composition that evokes my own response to the natural world - I find it peaceful to step back and observe but also intriguing to look at closely.”

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