Vynka Hallam grew up in a very creative environment; her great grandmother was an artist and her mother has always been a very creative person. She was always encouraged to follow her creative pursuits and began drawing when she was around 13.
Originally from Perth, Vynka moved to Sydney after backpacking around Europe. It was there she met her husband and together they have been completing volunteer work for the past 10 years in countries such as Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Solomon Islands and the Philippines.
Now back in Sydney, Vynka is enjoying having time for her art again. “I’m loving being in Australia all over again. With all the places and people we have seen in our travels, I have much to ‘paint’ home about!”
“I have honed my skills over years of trial and error, studying others, visiting galleries and being open to feedback. I love the freedom that comes with my path and have sought many peoples’ input, which has helped influence and develop my skills along the way.”
Vynka is currently focusing on acrylic painting on canvas, but also loves working with charcoal when she gets the chance, all with “really good, really loud music playing”. She loves to be outside and amongst nature to find inspiration for her works, often exploring themes of beaches, coasts, people, joy and memories. “I find a moment that inspires me and try to capture and translate it into my art so my audience can feel and see it as well.”
“My greatest joy with my art is to see others enjoy it and appreciate the little bit of humour and quirkiness that I love to come out on the canvas. If I can bring a smile to someone’s face through art, I feel like I have done my job as an artist and as a human.”
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