Lizzie Alsop is at her happiest when she is creating art. For her, the best feeling as an artist is when someone shows appreciation for her work, as they are appreciating such a special part of her. Lizzie’s bold works, with their interacting shapes and patterns, continually bring colour and movement to the walls of the Forman showroom!

Lizzie has always been creative, studying art and graphic design all through school. She was encouraged, however, to follow the profession of nursing. She was accepted into art school twice but as she describes, ‘life got in the way’ until she moved to the coast with her husband and three young children over ten years ago. Here, Lizzie started working on her art full time, exhibiting in various art shows and selling her artwork to collectors within Australia and overseas.

Lizzie is constantly inspired by the environment around her in the little coastal village of Somers on the Mornington Peninsula. Working from her studio behind her family home, she explores the mediums of acrylic, pastel, oil and ink. She also works with collage and various mark making techniques such as etching and repetitive patterns. 

Sometimes, she will do a study to decide on colours and composition, but most of the time she just dives straight in once something sparks an idea. “My artwork is very spontaneous, and it doesn’t pay to overthink, as these moments are part of my creative flow.” The next step, deciding to show her creation to the world, is what she describes as the ‘being brave bit.’

“I do what I do because I love it. I couldn’t create my artwork without the support and encouragement of my lovely husband and family. Of course, coffee, music and chocolate help too! I hope that my artwork will lift the viewer’s spirits as it lifts mine when I am creating them, and that each time the work is viewed, they will see something new.”


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